Wednesday, December 3, 2008

doom and gloom and the end of the design boom

"Ah it's strange times isn't it -hows the job hunting going?" is the conversation starter I'm getting these days from alot of my friends. And to be fair doom and gloom seems to all there is all these days. Just turned off the news there as I'm sick of listening to it, job losses at an all time high since 1996...

It's hard to keep the chin up and hard to keep positive and hard to keep the chin up, although I read a great discussion starter by my friends at daedal review today. Lorraine got to thinking about inspirational design in these times to lift the spirits,although she quickly reverted to say she couldnt ignore the current climate and whats happening around her.

Like her, my friends are on reduced hours, over-time hours cut, expenses at a minimum, christmas parties cancelled, even returning from time off to find staff laid off. Its been a constant furry of texts and emails for me from friends telling me who's been let go over this past few weeks, I don't know too many in my design fraternity who havent been affected in one way or another.

How quickly indeed it has all changed. Like my friends at daedal review I too am wondering where you will go for work? Dubai is in a steady stream of construction at the moment, anywhere in the Middle East seems like a goer to be fair. Australia was the place to be for a long time, but I've learnt from a friend out there looking for work that there's nothing in Sydney or Melbourne and that Brisbane is looking like a possibilty but not a definite.

Crazy world, changing times... What do you think?

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