Saturday, December 27, 2008

garment graffitti...

For the past few months Thomas Voorn has been travelling the world with a bag of clothes, his so called alphabet, creating garment graffiti in the most obvious and unexpected places; from brickwalls and alleys to fields - looking for a tension between clothes, surroundings and text to create colourful temporary landscape pollution....

Continuing his garment graffiti Thomas Voorn has created a 'designers - poem - installation' for b Store London using labels sold in the shop. Lifting the Christmas spirit, Voorn has created short slogans such as 'cosmic christian ceremony' layed out in clothes by designers including Cosmic Wonder Light Source, Hans Christian Madsen and Opening Ceremony.

Following his studies in fine art in the Netherlands and in London, Voorn based himself in Rotterdam working in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2006, he created ‘The Clothing Alphabet', resulting in several projects such as ' The Fashion Hit Next Season - series ' (2007) and 'Your Name Here - series' (2008).

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