Tuesday, March 3, 2009

'mc job'...what do you think folks?!?

this is a crazy story...makes me thankful to have a job in these recessionary days, although i hate to talk about the recession as it leads into a spiral of doom and gloom related tales of i heard this, and this happened my friend, and such and such lost their job...

not knocking the sadness and shock in loosing a job...i was there myself back in october and scrambed hard for 4 months to seek work! i'm now a trainee manager with a high-end furniture retailer here in ireland, although over the past few weeks - especially since i started working i've found that things are starting to pick up a bit in the design industry, i've been offered some contract positions, and although i'm tempted to be back in the design world - i'm also feeling that for now i need the security of the position i have and also i'm learning all sorts of new skills in management procedures that can only stand to me advantage in times to come...

i know i can design, my portfolio shows i can design...and hopefully when i get back into the design industry not only can i design, but i can design and manage and delegate and prioritise and co-ordinate tasks and people... i'm also signed up for an online training course in project management which i need to get cracking with

so my question is - am i wise to stay in my current safe management position while the offers coming my way are contract positions, or should i take the contract positions and hope that in 2months time either there will be another contract position or my contract will be extended?!? i'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this...

anyway - i seem to have rambled there - going back to the origin of this 'mc post'...in an area of ireland where unemployment has soared by 73% this year, unemployed bankers, accountants and architects have applied for new jobs in a new branch of mc donalds...in 10 days there were 500 applications...!!!


Joanna said...

You'll know inside what is right for you at the time. Personally contract work could be a risky move giving the state of the economy. All about the side step! Hang in there, you've made huge steps just with this blog!

custardbydesign said...

thanks Joanna...x

thomas said...

my best friend always reminds me (and what i think can apply to your situation):

what you do now is preparing you for something bigger in the future

i think right now considering the times we are living in-go for security. continue to work on your blog, do side work while learning all you can in your secure job. learning new skills will only help and contribute to your growth as a designer. the design world has seen times like this before. what goes down must come up again. and it will. we just need to be patient.

i am sure you will do what is best for you and it will make you a better person.

great post & great blog.

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