Tuesday, October 21, 2008

on the scratcher...

Morning folks....

Well, this is Tuesday and this is signing on day for me.

Had a lovely drive on Sunday with my girlfriend, we drove through Rathfarnham up into the Dublin/Wicklow mountains, visited Glencree Barracks and taking in the views of the glens and hills that fall through the drive from Dublin to Powerscourt.

The diesel indicator came on halfway through the drive so I did get a bot worried what with it being a recession, and me being redundant if I'd ever find a fuel pump in time before I'd need to be trying to reach the AA with no coverage on my mobile...so we promptly found ourselves back on the M50 from Bray into Dublin.

Lovely drive though....all those earthy tones and colours in the heathers and the bogs and the fews forest. Amazing.

Monday came, and with Monday came the reality of being jobless and having to get out there and keep the head up. So I trailed Grafton St, Dawson St, Nassau St, Baggot St and Merrion Sq - knocking doors of Recruitment Agencies.

Excellent results - 6 years experience as a designer - producing designs for 4 star hotel groups and major corporate identities with the places I've worked for and best I can now get is packing CD's in boxes in Swords. Well sure there's reassurance if ever i needed it.

Anyway, trying to keep the head above water and remain pro-active. Today I'm off to sign on the dole, the scratcher, the social...whatever you want to call it. That is what some of my taxes have been going towards these past 6 years is it not.

As some of you may know, I'm actively involved as a committee member with the Interiors Association (www.theinteriorsassociation.ie), tonight I'm off to a Better Business Workshop which the IA is hosting in the Morrison Hotel on the quays. I have plenty of questions.
How do you start your own business? What do you need? Who do you need to speak to? Everything I need to know about making it on my own, I hope to find out at least how to make a start tonight.

OK - Jeremy Kyle is negotiating a domestic here in the background, so I'm going to get me bits and pieces together, get on my bike and hit the social....

Pics from Sunday's drive to follow....

1 comment:

miss mary said...

keep your head up and prayer and if all else fails again prayer cause you know what you'll come out even better
talk soon and good luck

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