Thursday, April 29, 2010

meet andrea cornwall of iSpace designers...

i've known andrea cornwall for about 6 months now...i met her at the first ASID meeting i went to, and she has been great at introducing me to other designers and architects and other ASID meetings and events in the area...

the last time i met andrea was at an art exhibition in the fayetteville underground, she introduced me to some of the artists and we ended up getting a tour of the studio spaces...she then picked my brain over some art and i ended up helping her choose a piece for one of her latest projects...

i always love to give my 2cents worth...

andrea happily agreed to take part in one of my q&a here we go...

iSpace is an award winning interior design firm, offering a full scope of commercial and residential interior design services, specializing in assisting the client through the process of endless decisions that develop as the project unfolds, whether they are building or renovating...

What profession do you enter on your identity card...?

Registered Interior Designer

When did you know this was your calling in life...?

In high school – I loved mixing colors and patterns in all the clothing designs I made. It was my mom that brought this to my attention when I was unclear of my direction in life.

Whats the best moment of the day for you...?

Mornings – I love the peacefulness of the early morning – my best ideas/design creations come during these hours.

Who or what has influenced and inspired your style…?

My background & training for the last 30 years is interior architecture. I’m influenced by the entire design process & the client’s well being - from the raw space to the finished interior - I strongly believe in incorporating psychology design principles & environmental design.

Through the use of color and the functional fit between the clients and their environment, I feel interior design greatly improves the well being of our clients through the spaces we create. I opened iSpace studio in 2002 to harmonize the professions of interior design & architecture.

Do you think that men and women approach interior design differently...?

NO – if both designers are designing for the client’s needs and to improve the client’s environment – I think there is only one way to approach the solution.

Now the finished creative/design solution, is widely different between all designers. That’s what is fun about our profession, the diversity!

What trade or retail store inspires you most...?

Holly Hunt – The Chicago showroom is incredible – I could spend all day there.

What books do you read...?

John Irving’s books - I love the “The Cider House Rules” & “The World According to Garp” –timeless classics. Also enjoy reading Barbara Kingsolver’s books – “The Bean Trees” is a favorite.

Who is your favorite designer and why...?

Elsie de Wolfe, the first professional interior designer. In 1913, Elsie wrote “The House in Good Taste”. She was believed to be the person who first invented the profession of interior design. Her interior design philosophy was, "I opened the doors and windows of America and let the air and sunshine in."

Some of her home decorating touches include:
  • Uncluttered rooms
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Eighteenth century French and English furnishings
  • Light, fresh colors
  • Chinoiserie print wallpaper
  • Chaise longues
  • Delicate writing tables
  • House plants, especially potted palms
  • Persian rugs
  • Mirrors in silver and gold gilded delicate frames
  • Faux finish treatments
  • Animal prints
She was so ahead of your time. Her interior design touches are still in practice today – it’s astounding – how timeless she was.

What materials do you frequently use...?

The interior materials that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle. Some of my favorites are: Cork flooring, Recycled Glass tiles, Hemp upholstery.

If you were not doing this what would you do...?

If I did not have my own design studio, I would be teaching children about psychology of colors, drawing and planning spaces.

i really enjoyed finding out about a local designer here in fayetteville, arkansas - what makes her tick, where she likes to look for inspiration...i was impressed about her strong consciousness for design psychology and environmental design...

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